Emma’s Bridal Boutique (Dress) – B – I originally tried on dresses at Bliss Bridal but decided to think about my dress decision and call around.  I found Emma’s to be about $400 cheaper on the same exact dress from Bliss.  I made an appointment and told the salesperson at Emma’s what I was going to buy.  On the day of my appointment, I went in with my MIL and my grandmother to let them watch me try on the dress… but Emma’s sold the sample 2 days before.  I still ordered it, but I was a little disappointed.  The dress then took 14 weeks to arrive (thankfully I ordered it early!), and I was the one that had to call to find out it had been delivered – they didn’t call me.  Overall, it was just okay.

Bridal Co Denton (Bridesmaid Dresses) – B+  - My BMs and I had a great experience at the store when the dresses were purchased.  The consultants were helpful and friendly.  But when “snowmaggedon” hit, it went bad.  The dresses took an extra 2 weeks to be delivered, and the manager blamed UPS.  I understand that the late shipments weren’t his fault but his rebuttal to my questions was “you’re not the only person getting married, you have to be patient.”  I never thought that I was rude or impatient, I just wanted an update.  I thought that his attitude was a little rude.  Overall though, the experience was good and the dresses were very nice.

Tuxedo Junction (Suits) – A – Although I didn’t personally work with Tuxedo Junction, Wylie and Jack were both so great to me and my DH.  There was a slight mix up with the original appointment (they don’t typically sell suits); they both came together and made it right.  They kept in constant contact with me and updated me along the whole process.  The only downfall was that one of the groomsmen got tuxedo pants (the ones they rent out), however, he paid for a new suit.  I haven’t heard an outcome on this yet.

Becky Fowler (Alterations) – A++ - I don’t think there’s anything that I can say about Becky that hasn’t already been said.  The woman is amazing!

Invitations – (Etsy, Seller PileofHats) – A++ - I went onto Etsy Alchemy for my invitations.  I had an idea of what I wanted but couldn’t find the invitations anywhere for what I considered to be reasonably priced.  This is where I found Meghan (Etsy seller).  And boy, did she deliver!  She was super responsive, fast to work, eager to help and the best deal I could have ever found!  I’ve actually already re-used her services.  J

Joe T Garcia’s – (Rehearsal Dinner) – A – Joe T’s was a great place that everyone loved.  The food was good, the service was excellent and we had our own private room to dine in.  It was VERY busy, so being able to skip the line is always nice!  Two drawbacks – it’s a cash only system and the parking is awful.  As long as you are aware of those two things upfront, Joe T’s is pretty great.

Hair By Krystal – (Hair) – A+++ - Krystal has been doing my hair since she was in beauty school, probably 4 years ago.  The day-of the wedding, she was supposed to arrive around 10 am, but called me stating that she was in the hospital, but trying to get out!  I told her that her health was more important and that I could figure something out.  She asked me at that point to give her 1 hour before I made other arrangements.  She called me 30 mins later saying that she checked out of the hospital and was on her way!!  I was shocked!  Krystal arrived and knocked out hair for 8 girls without complaining once.  And everyone’s hair looked AMAZING.  Her prices are incredibly reasonable and she is a really talented artist.  I highly recommend.

Makeup – A++ - I can’t remember the girl’s name (I’m lame), but she traveled with Krystal (hair).  She was super talented and everyone looked beautiful.  They’re a great team to work with.

Expressions of Décor – (Florist) – A+++ - I found Shantay on a whim when she sent out an email blast and I am SO glad that I did.  Not only are her prices the absolute most reasonable that I had found, she is such a pleasure to work with.  She is excited about what she does and she is so fun to sit and chat with!  I recommend her services to ANY bride that wants beautiful flowers but doesn’t want to break the bank to get them.

Marty Leonard Chapel – (Ceremony) – A+++ - This chapel is breathtaking.  It literally speaks for itself.  When I saw this chapel, I knew that I had to book it immediately.  The staff members are very friendly and helpful and always willing to answer any questions.  The chapel itself doesn’t require any decoration because of its unique and ornate architecture.  The only downside is that there really aren’t separate areas for the bride and groom to dress without crossing paths.  That made things a little difficult when it came down to the wire.  Overall though, excellent venue.

Ari Gray, Alternative Wedding Services – (Officiant) – A+++  - After an exhausting officiant search I was SO excited that we booked Ari.  She was so helpful, so sweet and her ceremony was heartfelt and sentimental.  Ari is a true professional and very eloquent.  She actually cried when my DH said his vows!  My heart was so warmed that even as someone who sees weddings all of the time, she still was moved by them.  Ari is a must!

Sky Creek Ranch – (Reception) – D-  - Well, anyone that has been on the boards for a while, know the issues that I’ve had with Sky Creek, so hopefully this won’t be a surprise.  This venue changed coordinators half way through my planning and I felt the burn of that change.  Unfortunately, I didn’t even find out they changed coordinators until the venue sent out an email blast soliciting new wedding business!  I had to email the old coordinator to find out what happened.  The responses that I received were always a bit delayed, my questions never felt fully answered, and almost every promise that was made was changed somehow.  Originally when I booked Sky Creek Ranch, the original coordinator explained that only 1 bride had hired a day-of-coordinator and the she would handle everything for us, but could officially call herself a coordinator.  However, when the new coordinator came in, that changed.  I was on the hook to either decorate myself (at sunrise, “when the golfers arrive”) or hire someone to do so.  Luckily, an event canceled the night before mine, so I was able to go in and decorate or I would have been on the line to pay a professional.  That obviously did not sit too well for me, or my husband.  In addition, when we originally booked the venue, my DH and his best man were supposed to get golf for free.  After much back and forth, we were finally granted that original promise, but I found it to be a little disheartening that they would fight me on that small thing. 

The food at SCR was sub-par, at best.  I was extremely disappointed.  The chicken was dry and the bread was rock hard – I had several people comment on how the bread would be better suited for baseball!  I was extremely embarrassed by the guest’s comments, and I expected better out of SCR.

We purchased a set amount of alcohol at the reception, with the option to purchase more.  I had more than half of my guests mention that their glasses were taken off their tables while they were half (sometimes more) full!!  This wouldn’t bother me as much if I didn’t have to purchase more wine in the middle of the reception because we “ran out”.  I was so mad to hear about them taking half full glasses, because I felt like I paid for more than I should have.  Also, I was supposed to be able to keep the extra bottles of wine that we purchased, yet the venue hasn’t told me yet what I had left over. Update:  I was told that there was no more wine left (although I know that probably wasn’t the case), and per TABC laws, they can’t give us the extras.  I called TABC to confirm, and the TABC stated the law is a little open to interpretation, but if there was anything left, Sky Creek owed me the difference.  After a little more back and forth, SCR offered me the money back on the final case of wine that we purchased, but nothing else.

I felt like Sky Creek Ranch on its own is a beautiful venue with tons of potential.  However, I would not recommend it to anyone for a wedding.

MaddiePie Creations – (Photographer) – A+ - Brooke with MaddiePie has been amazing to work with throughout all of this.  I did my boudoir pics, engagement pics and I will be doing family pics with her as well.  She is a great photographer that is extremely talented.  Brooke even hunted down the missing car driver (schedule mix up, and she and Melody solved it)!!  She was helpful, efficient and always around to lend a hand.  I would recommend Brooke without reservation!

Melody and Memories – (DJ) – A+++ - It’s no secret that I am a huge M&M fan, but my DH is sometimes hard to please, but he didn’t stop talking about Melody for a week!  We were so impressed to see her in action.  She provides a unique level of customer service that is unparallel in her line of work.  Melody acted as a coordinator, a scheduler, and even helped with the venue when I wasn’t there to!  She constantly went above and beyond and kept a Sunday night wedding going (which, if you’ve ever been to one, is a huge task).  She is truly a top professional among any vendor that I’ve worked with and will definitely slate her place in the DFW wedding industry.  Melody is awesome!

Gaylord Texan – (Night of Hotel) – A+ - We used the Gaylord for a get-away vehicle and a night-of hotel.  Upon our arrival, we were greeted with huge smiles and congratulations – and an upgraded room (to a Presidential Suite!!) because we were newlyweds.  They went above and beyond to accommodate us.  I just wish that we had longer to stay!