Save The Dates!

I got my STD's on - they were FREE!!! I only had to pay shipping.  They were running a promotion for 30 STDs for free, even though I totally ordered more than that.  I am very pleased with how they turned out - and hey, you can't beat free!  :)

My stamp!

I ordered a custom return label stamp from Etsy (seller, mycustomstamp) for our return label.  I actually saw another knottie (and I can't remember who) that did this and thought it was a fabulous idea!!  Plus, it was only 10 dollars with shipping!

The invitation!

Upon the advice of some of the wonderful knotties of DFW, I turned to Etsy Alchemy for my invitation.

I put in a request... I wanted something simple but classic.

I received a bid from an AWESOME girl named Meghan, who was so excited about her work and anxious to help... my invites wouldn't be half as cool as they are without her help!

Etsy shop

(yes, she makes hats too... and cake toppers, and invitations!)

(see picture below)


Photo Share Cards

This gem was a Vista Print free business card offer!

Yard Sign

Yard sign for the ceremony site... also a free Vista Print find!