How we met!

I had heard about Andrew before we ever met - he and I had lots of mutual friends.  My roommate, Toni and I decided to go out in Fort Worth one night, as as we were walking through, she stopped and said "Ohhh, it's Andrew!"  I decided that I had to meet this guy that I've heard so much about.  We walked up to him and he greeted us BOTH with big hugs and smiles.  We talked with him and his friends for a bit and when we were walking away, Andrew asked for both of our  numbers, so we could all "hang out" later.  Two o'clock in the morning, I got a call from one of Andrew's friends, pretending to be Andrew, asking me to call back - apparently he had been talking about me to them!.  When I did, Andrew and I talked on the phone all night long.  The rest is history!

The light of our life - Cadence Denise

Cadence Denise was born January 10, 2007 and she will never understand how much she means to us.  She is our pride, our joy and the reason that wake up every morning!  We are so excited to be able to have her as a part of our big day, and to honor her in our ceremony.